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the matter of gearboxes

Company profile

The team of Multigear GmbH, since decades in gearbox business, is thinking about one thing only: Service.

Our long-term experience in handling gearboxes and their damages offers the unique combination of know-how from a gearbox manufacturer and the absolutely goal to serve perfect service to the customer.

After working many years for a manufacturer of gearboxes for wind energy and industrial applications it has been realized, that essentials such as reliability, efficiency and confidencial cooperation are the most important requirements in service business.

In order to fulfill these criteria according to our conceptions, the company has to convert these points consequently, even under the pressure of daily business.

Too much time for decisions will result in a lack of good service!

Therefore, you are in good hands, independent of the gearbox manufacturer:

  • Jahnel-Kestermann (JAKE)
  • Winergy (Flender)
  • Lohmann Stolterfoht (Bosch Rexroth)
  • Renk
  • Eickhoff
  • Brook Hansen
  • Moventas
  • ...and many more.


Our promise is always at your service:

Within 24 hours (Europe) and 48 hours (worldwide) on site.



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