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Wind energy gearboxes

On-site service

„On-site service“ means our offer of the following services, which are performed worldwide:

  • Inspections & Endoscopy
  • Mobile vibration measurements
  • Full documentation & qualified evaluation of conditions
  • Damage records & analysis
  • Repairs with innovative methods
  • End of warranty inspection
  • Laser-Alignment


Our long-term experience, for example used in a most possible efficient repair on-site, is the advantage for the customer.

This will save down-time and repair-costs!



Within 24 hours (Europe) and 48 hours (Worldwide) on-site!

Repair and upgrades

According to customer’s request, we are able to perform the following services:

  • Disassembly, cleaning, damage records
  • Damage analysis
  • Modifications & Upgrades
  • Assembly, painting
  • Loaded testrun with full documentation
  • Quality control
  • Qualified documentation


Based on our know-how we are able to upgrade your gearbox according to the latest state of technical art, in order to rise the expected lifetime.

The state of technical art is always going forward, especially in gearbox design.

New- and replacement gearboxes

Especially for wind energy, we have exchange gearboxes available for many turbine types, e.g.

Overview of available gearbox types as PDF

Our portfolio is frequently changing and being extended, don't hesitate to ask us for other types.


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